3 Simple Strategies To Make Use Of To Get Rid Of Your Hoarding Habits

Hoarding is when a person has trouble getting rid of materials and they clutter their spaces by buying too many items all the time. The root of hoarding comes from the fear that certain items will have a certain use or value in the future preventing you from disposing them. Excessive hoarding can extend to a dysfunctional house and you can manage your hoarding habits if you are patient and determined to make changes in your life. Find below some ways in which you can get started. 

Clear out

In order to clear out items, you must first find motivation and commit to managing your hoarding habits. You can start by ordering a skip bin hire to get rid of the unwanted items in your home. Keeping yourself motivated will greatly help you stay consistent when urges to fall back to old habits come by. You can stay motivated by making a list of the best and strongest reasons you want to get rid of your hoarding habit and review these reasons each time you think you are moving away from your goals.

Set small, yet specific goals

It is important that you set small, precise goals as this will ensure that you stick to them and they last long to cause a change rather than a sudden burst of motivation that is short lived. For example; you can start by clearing out 3 boxes in your bedroom one day and another 3 in the living room the next day. Having broad and vague goals such as “clearing out the house” will leave you frustrated once you find it is more difficult to achieve. Make arrangements for skip hire Coogee once you feel that you have enough clutter to dispose of.

Organize your items

Develop a system where it is easy for you to keep your stuff organized. The most common problem for a hoarder is the difficulty in being organized. Make it easier by categorizing items in your home by the type or its desired or ideal location such as the living room or bedroom. In each room you start clearing out, decide on what items to donate, recycle, dispose, sell or keep. It will make it easier to organize if you have separate boxes for the items being taken out. However, try not to move items from one location to another. When sorting out items, using the OHIO principle otherwise known as “Only handle it once” principle will prevent you from second guessing on what to hold on to and what items to get rid of.