Different Types Of Tube Fabrication In Plumbing Systems

Plumbing systems involves a huge variety of tubing systems. Even though many people thing these services are only related to household systems, plumbing has a lot of different application. That is why manufacturers produce hundreds of different types of tubing systems, connectors with different shapes and sizes. We all need a service of a plumber at least once in our life time. And when you consider a large industrial site or a factory, plumbing services are an absolute necessity. These industrial companies have complex and vital tubing systems and only a professional team of plumbers can handle those systems. It is always good to know about different types of tubes involved in these services because you will need this knowledge one day and it is better to be prepared.

Elbow type

These are arguably the most common and popular type of connectors. These are used to change the direction of tubing systems or the flow between pipes. There are various types of elbows available such as, 450, 900, 22.50 etc. and these are extremely common and useful in household poly pipe fittings. You can find different elbows made out of different materials and most of the time, you can fix them with a force fit or a threaded male-female fit. 

Reducer type

If you want to reduce or to increase a certain flow in a tubing system you can use a reducer. These are built to withstand pressure and various materials are available as well. There are two main types of reducers available, concentric reducers and eccentric reducers. You can choose them depending on your requirements.

T type

As the name suggests these components have a T shape and they form a joint of two perpendicular flows. They have three openings to be connected and one would act like the inlet while other two act like outlets. There are two types of T connectors as well. One is called an equal tee and the other is the unequal tee.

Cross type

Another famous type of connectors in right poly fittings is the cross type. It has four openings and you can choose inlets and outlets as you prefer. Important thing about these connectors is that they can withstand higher pressures than other connectors.Other than these famous and popular types there are couplings, unicorns, adaptors and plugs available. You can find these produced using different materials and having different sizes. Knowing these connector can help you if you are going to do a DIY plumbing work. But it is always good to hire professional plumbers to avoid unfortunate accidents.